about the turtlecalls experience

here are some questions about turtlecalls that people ask a lot and then answers

are you really a turtle
no, i am a person who pretends to be a turtle

why do you do that
so that i can make so much money doing turtlecalls and tell people it is how i bought that big tv

did you invent the concept of the turtlecall – i have seen a lot of services like this
yes, i am the first and best in this space and it’s worth the extra effort or money dollars you spend to get your turtlecalls through me

why can’t i get a turtlecall for myself
because the turtlecall experience is about sharing, and keeping a turtlecall all to yourself is being selfish

why don’t you want me to tell the person i got this for them beforehand
the other part of the turtlecall experience is the person being so pleasantly surprised that a turtle is calling them

how long will it take my turtlecall to happen after i get it
read the terms of service for more information about this

do you consider a turtlecall a prank call
no, it is a friendship call and it is meant to make a smile happen and not an aggravated face

who are you to be making these turtlecalls like such a cool guy
i am him

if you have any questions about turtlecalls email heather [at] turtlecalls.com and a babe named heather will help you get your answers