we have 4 types of turtlecalls to serve yooh - make sure to read about all of them below

Regular price $2.00

the super turtlecall ($10)

our best-seller

we will try your person three (3) times and if they do not pick up on the third (3rd) try we will leave a voicemail in our turtle voice

if your call is successful you will get a link to the recording emailed to you

the classic turtlecall ($2)

america's original turtlecall

we will call your person once and if they do not pick up, we will leave a nice voicemail in our exciting turtle voice

this is very popular and everyone likes it

(please note: classic turtlecalls are not always recorded)

the cheadlecall ($5)

this is similar to the classic turtlecall, but we will pretend to be a turtle pretending to be the famous actor don cheadle from hotel rwanda

it is twice as much pretending and that is why there is premium pricing

(please note: if yooh buy a super turtlecall yooh will have the option to make it a super cheadlecall)

the ultimate turtlecall ($20)

yooh schedule when your turtlecall takes place

this is like if yooh want it on their birthday, or if yooh want to be there so that yooh can make sure they pick up, ie maybe yooh are getting a yogurt with them

if your call is successful yooh will get a link to the recording emailed to yooh

(after purchasing your turtlecall yooh will be sent a link to a form where yooh give us all your call info, ie who to call, and their phone numerals, and whether yooh are afraid of bees, and etc.

see our terms of service for more information on this)